Most people who are looking for a church home want to know what to expect when they get there.  At Riverside you can expect the following:

  • Smiling Faces (We're always happy to be together, and happy to see you!)
  • Friendly People (We genuinely like each other, and we'll like you too!)
  • Helpful Greeters (Any of our greeters will be happy to show you around.)
  • A Pressure Free Visit (We won't make you stand up and introduce yourself.)
  • Meaningful Worship (Read below for more about EMC worship.)

An EMC Worship Experience

At Riverside we have purposely chosen not to let the type of music we sing define us.  We are a congregation of individuals with differing tastes and worship preferences.  Some people love tradition; others love a more open style of worship.  Some people love hymns; others love contemporary music.  We make a conscientious effort not to worry whether something we do is traditional or contemporary.  Our concern is that what we do be pleasing to God and edifying to the body.  As a result we sing a mix of contemporary songs, choruses, and traditional hymns.  Our service may include a responsive reading, or a time around an open altar praying and anointing with oil.  Our pastor may or may not be dressed up, or he may be dressed as a character that fits his message.  The people who sit in the pews may be wearing a suit and tie, or they may be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  The best way to gauge who we are and what we're about is to attend for a few weeks.